Thesis: GreekDB

For my Bachelor’s in Computer Science, my university required the completion of a thesis project and write-up. Traditionally students would complete a project requested by their co-op employer, but due to changing my co-op employer at the end of my Junior year, I had to opt for an Entrepreneurial Thesis.

GreekDB is a CRM software geared toward Non-Profits and Membership-based organizations. The solution was developed using PHP, and driven from the reporting requirements of my college fraternity and their parent organization. It features tracking of active and past membership, recruiting information, billing and financial information, budgeting requests, approvals, and transaction reporting, tracking of community service and donations, and more. The system also integrated with providers to allow text-based notifications about payment plans being due and payments received, which would be sent automatically.

In order to keep formatting, I’ve included the original, approved thesis pdf for download below. It’s a fairly long document so if you’re just looking for some technical graphics, some components of note can be found below:

  • Environment Model: p. 39
  • Use Case Models: p. 44-46
  • Data Model: p. 130
  • Navigation and UI Components: p. 134-170
  • Detailed Scenarios and Swim Lane Diagrams: p. 172-186

Tools Used:

  • Document: Microsoft Word
  • Graphics: (similar to Lucidchart, but free)