Hire Me

Cats love him, bad documentation trembles at his name.

Having been on both sides of the business spectrum, I found it immensely valuable to work with consultants who understand there will be humans behind the wheel. This means simple solutions, clear and abundant documentation, and more than enough knowledge and charisma to make requirements-gathering and training sessions memorable! I’ve learned from each of those various interactions, and apply a holistic approach to all of my practices.

Looking for an admin to maintain your installation in the off-hours or to “keep the lights on” while you look for a permanent hire?  How about someone who can build you the perfect solution to move your data from spreadsheets and emails into Salesforce?  Maybe you just need someone to build reports and dashboards for your sales team.

No matter your need, The Moose has you covered!

Writing documentation can be be boring, exhausting and you may feel that there are better uses of your time. Also, conveying information technology concepts to sweet Deborah in accounting in a way that makes her feel fully capable with a new software is a minor superpower. Are you having trouble balancing the technical nature of your project with the knowledge of your readers?

Let The Moose loose on your documentation woes and get an early start on your next project!

Looking for ways to improve communication?  How about getting your data from one platform to another?  Do you find yourself often thinking, “It’d be great if we could automate this…”

Consider The Moose, your Golden Goose!

If you’ve heard of C8, you’re probably involved in the textile industry.  You probably also know how uncommon it is to find someone who’s administered or developed for the software before.

The Moose can Produce!  I’ve worked with C8 for 5 years as an administrator, integrating the platform with Salesforce, developing solutions with the software’s REST APIs and developing all kinds of automation using C8’s built-in Expressions and Operations languages.

Onboarding a whole new team to sustain you through a post-COVID boom?  Maybe your business wants to train up a new Admin or a new Sales team.  Maybe you, personally, are looking to expand your horizons, but reading the standard documentation just isn’t clicking with you.

Call The Moose for some personal or group training on a variety of topics and software solutions.