Sr. Salesforce Administrator

  • Administrator for org with ~3000 users
  • Carried out day-to-day administrator tasks, including field updates, flow creation and updates
  • Used Git for Source control within Salesforce
  • Created screen flows to guide support users through most support tasks and triaging cases
    • Improved accuracy of case assignments
    • Improved time to resolve by validating all necessary information was available before task/case creation
    • Improved consistency of user experience by removing guess work from the support process

Senior Business Integration Analyst 

  • Administered Salesforce for ~50 users.
  • Worked with internal teams to develop new Salesforce objects for handling Product Development, Graphic and Design Development Requests, and requests for new packaging.
  • Worked with sales teams to revise opportunity stages to better match retailer process, including custom notifications and automations.
  • Administered C8 PLM for ~110 users.
  • Worked with engineering teams to update material testing processes and implement changes and calculations in PLM.
  • Managed ReviewStudio software for graphic design team.
    • Ran cooperative education program and developed customized training plans and projects for co-ops/interns (4) and other IT groups.
  • Custom scripts for teams, written in SQL, R, Powershell
  • Ran training sessions for all managed tools (PLM, Salesforce, and ReviewStudio) for new developments and newly hired employees.
  • Primarily responsible for implementing new platforms, getting those projects off the ground, developing teams processes, and creating/maintaining documentation (text and video) 

Business Integration Analyst

  • Learned about and worked with consulting company for Salesforce Implementation, and took over administration after roll-out for 35 users.
  • Executed PLM Application cleanup (unused attributes) and upgrade (including bug pre-upgrade bug testing)
  • Administered Centric’s C8 PLM system for 100 users and wrote field data automation expressions to automatically populate fields based on existing data.
  • Setup Graylog for storing application and server logs, alerting on privileged security group changes, and application downtime alerts.
  • Executed child domain setup and migration from old domain.

Network Systems Administrator

  • Executed AD, DNS, Sites and Services, and GPO cleanup plan from co-op project.
  • Cleaned up and managed Group Policy Objects for local domain.
  • Began implementation of remote Application Deployment through GPO.
  • Set up and implemented Windows Server Update Services for local domain and remote sites.
  • Wrote documentation/tutorials for implementation and management of WSUS, for management of GPOs, and implementation and management of GPO Application Deployment.

I’ve included just the last 6.5y of my experience. For full work history and resume download click below. Also, don’t forget to check my blog for how I solve a variety of computer science problems in real life!

Salesforce Admin Certification

Salesforce Advanced Admin Certification

Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification

Salesforce Developer I Certification

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Aaron has an unmatched attention to detail in everything that he does. Before working with him, we struggled to find a technical writer that'd allow us to be entirely hands-off yet confident in that the end product will be perfect.
Shawn Biernack
Freelance client
Aaron was hands-on in driving our entire customer service (ie. service cloud) implementation from near-scratch to hundreds of agents and teams. Aaron was promoted by Vroom because not only was the initiative he was assigned to meeting all of its goals with his help, he was individually getting top feedback from everyone he worked with, and taking responsibility for making sure the outcomes were right. While I was at Vroom, at different times as his manager and as our org chart grew his manager's manager, he excelled at collaboration with stakeholders on all levels of the organization up to C-level, on individual delivery, and on delegating and collaborating on work with both onshore and offshore team members.