Salesforce Technical Architect

In the first 6 months at Path, I successfully transitioned us from being fully-supported by contractors, to an internal team of 4. In the process, I moved the team toward a 2-week sprint model, including in-person standups, retros, and implementing tools for project management and documentation.  Additional responsibilities included Managing workstream and quality for external contractors, advising PMs and External engineering team on best practices, and mentoring and solution design for admins and developers. This was done while managing a Salesforce org of 400 users.
Notable projects include:

  • Implemented Jira for all project intake, and managing the development process
  • Implemented Confluence for housing documentation and sprint retrospectives
  • Implementation of Service Desk for bug reporting and issue tracking
  • Implementation of PagerDuty (Incident Response) and incident response plan
  • Designed and managed the implementation of integrations between Salesforce and Fountain (Bulk Hiring), CloudWatch (Alerting), Iterable (Marketing Automation), Zendesk (Support Portal), Omni-Channel Routing for Case and SMS Routing, and Verifiable (Credentialing Automation)

Sr. Salesforce Administrator

In the first couple months of my time at Vroom, I was responsible for triaging issues in Sales Cloud and recommending solutions or triaging to responsible teams. After 2 months, I was transitioned to the Support team working out of Sales Cloud, as the lead contributor and Technical Lead, supporting roughly 2000 support agents. After 3 more months, I was promoted to a Senior title. Our main focus was building out new support processes and agent enablement work.
Some notable projects:

  • Implementation of Omni-Channel for Case Routing
  • Design and build of a wizard to guide agents through issue creation, ensure down-stream users have enough information to work from, and reduce duplicate case creation.
    • This reduced total case volume by >75%, and total duplicate cases proportionally.
  • Designed and advised on the implementation of Live Agent Chat and Einstein Chatbots

Senior Business Integration Analyst 

Through almost seven years working for Arden, I’ve been the primary resource for solving a variety of business problems ranging from purely technical, to those pertaining to design and merchandising. I’ve been promoted three times while working there, eventually being the sole admin for several infrastructures such as Salesforce and PLM. My latest project involved creating a semi-automated resource management system inside Salesforce, that helped allocate designers’ time into appropriate tasks, instantly create tasks and schedule design meetings, and give a birds-eye view into the whole department. I’ve also proudly managed the co-op program, where I oversaw several students at the time and helped them prepare their bachelor’s thesis.

  • Wrote custom scripts for teams, written in SQL, R, Powershell
  • Managed Salesforce, C8 PLM, ReviewStudio.
  • Setup Graylog for security alerts, storing application and server logs.
  • Primarily responsible for implementing new platforms, developing team processes, providing live training and creating/maintaining documentation in text and video.
  • Worked with engineering teams to update material testing processes and implement changes and calculations in PLM.
  • Set up and implemented Windows Server Update Services for local domain and remote sites

I’ve included just the last 6.5y of my experience. For full work history and resume download click below. Also, don’t forget to check my blog for how I solve a variety of computer science problems in real life!

Salesforce Admin Certification

Salesforce Advanced Admin Certification

Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification

Salesforce Developer I Certification

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Aaron has an unmatched attention to detail in everything that he does. Before working with him, we struggled to find a technical writer that'd allow us to be entirely hands-off yet confident in that the end product will be perfect.
Shawn Biernack
Freelance client
Aaron was hands-on in driving our entire customer service (ie. service cloud) implementation from near-scratch to hundreds of agents and teams. Aaron was promoted by Vroom because not only was the initiative he was assigned to meeting all of its goals with his help, he was individually getting top feedback from everyone he worked with, and taking responsibility for making sure the outcomes were right. While I was at Vroom, at different times as his manager and as our org chart grew his manager's manager, he excelled at collaboration with stakeholders on all levels of the organization up to C-level, on individual delivery, and on delegating and collaborating on work with both onshore and offshore team members.